Sell SLG stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump

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SLG stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump is a new product developed in this Company and mixed with several new know-hows. Its impeller, guide vane etc. are made of stainless steel by way of pressing and laser welding, featuring a high finish of the surface, small loss of hydraulic flow and easy inside clean, so it is very helpful for transporting pure media.

Just due to the way for the impeller to be made, such a pump as has a small flow and a high head can be easily made which is generally difficult with a cast impeller.

This pump is vertically structured with multi-stage, less land area, high efficiency, nice appearance, light weight and small noise at running.

The range of its performance comes as below:
Flow: 0.8m3/h~120m3/h
Head: 5.6~330m
Temperature: -20C~120C
Variety of the liquid to be transported: various clean waters and aggressive industrial liquids.
Pressure bearable on the pump cavity: = or <4.0Mpa
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