Sell SLSB Screw Type Water Cooled Water Chiller

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Cooling capacity



COP 6.2
Single unit with large capacity.
Using imported screw compressors.
- The innovative design of rotors profile lead to the high compression efficiency.
- High quality bearings lead to the low noise level and long operating time.
- Electronic protection module can avoid the damage to the compressor and the operating time can reach 60,000 hours.
Automatic computer controlling cabinet.
- World top-rank electronic controlling components can provide all kind of auto-controlling and protective function.
- Operating state can be showed in the liquid crystal display and the operating parameter can be controlled and modified.
- Intelligent operation can be achieved by central computer.
Heat exchanger of top quality.
- Self-designed shell and tube heat exchanger lead to logical matching.
- Each passage profile of the heat exchanger is designed to be different, thus the heat exchange efficiency can be improved largely.