Sell SLW1400 Generation Gear Type Wedge-free Rotating Wood Shaver/Slicer

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The updated 9 th generation gear type wedge-free shaver is driven by big gear, it is powered by buncher motor which offer stable rotation speed. This series is more easier to regulate & repair. To realize varying feeding speed with pure mechanical method, which avoid uneven shaved veneer either caused by rotation inertia of out of round login the case of hydraulic wedge-free rotation shaver or caused by unstable electric voltage. It is ensured that the shaved veneer thickness is within 0.1mm error under normal situation.
Primary Features:
1. Addition of underside slide-way helps to ensure more equal, more stable edge feeding, as result the shaved veneer is of better planeness.
2. Fit for miscellaneous wood, eucalypt wood, deal wood, poplar or other soft wood.
3. The planeness of shaved veneer is controled not manually but by well programmed curve, which is designed when the machine is manufactured. Whatever specification the veneer is, it sticks to the same planeness.
4. Moderate requirement to workers' technology grade.
5. With adoption of electromagnetic clutch, the seift and facilitated advance and retreat is ensured.
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