Sell SLx gold-Plug thru Signal Booster

SLx gold-Plug thru Signal Booster You May Also Be Interested In: 4 db booster signal booster slim line
this booster designed for Digital TV and radio.
Dedicated inputs both for VHF and UHF.
Flat gain response acrosss full frequency range ensures equal signal distribution.
Adjustable gain control.
Surge protection
Digi-link compatible and short-circuit protection
Slim-line body design to ensure that adjacent sockets are not blocked.

Inputs: 1
Outputs: 2
Frequency range: 47-862 MHz
Max output level: 90 dBuV
Gain per split: 8 dB
Noise Figure: 4 dB
Integrated digital Bypass: yes
Short protection per split: yes
Surge protection: yes
connector type: Gold coax
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