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24 Fibre-240 KM (AT&T)

Cable Spec
AT Cable Code: AT-3BM12L6-024
DIN Code:(A-DF(ZN)2Y 4x6E9/125)
Basic Cable Details: Loose Tube cable
Diel. CSM
Jelly Filed Core
HDPE Sheath (thickness 1,5 mm) with Aramid Yearns Rovings

2 Ripcords
1 Cu par
4x6 fibers SM/MC - MIFL 0,35/0,25 dB/km for 1310/1550 nm OFS SM/MC

6 tube positions - 4 tubes by 6 fibers SM/MC
2 filers

Color Coding:Tubes:Red, Green and remaining
Fibers:Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Black

Cable Sheath Marking:
OPTICAL CABLE AT-3BM1CL6-024 mm-yy xxxx m
where mm-yy is month and year of manufacturing, xxxx is length mark in meters

Ship tolerance: 0% to 2% (the reels should not be shorter then specified)

Price: 1.30 Euro ex stock Europe for complete overtaking