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SM High efficient water reducer is a negative ion type high polymer dielectric material which can be dissolved in water. It has very strong adsorption and dispersion effects to the cement. It is one of the good water reducers which have the better comprehensive property indexes. Its characteristics are: white, high water reducing effect, non-air-entrained, low Cl ion content ( thus the steel bars in the concrete cannot be rusted ) , suitable for various cements. When this product is applied, the early strength and the anti-water-permeation of the concrete are increased obviously, and the construction property and the water-keeping ability of the concrete will be better. Therefore, it is not only suitable to be used in the pump concrete, the prefabricated concrete, the tube pile concrete, but also it is specially suitable to be used in the concrete, the decoration concrete, the self-flowing concrete, and so on. Besides the uses in the concrete, it also can be used in the gypsum as the water reducer to enhance the strength of the gypsum products.
Technical data
Outward appearance : White powder or colorless transparent liquid
Water content (Powder) (%) : < 3
Solid substance (liquid) (%) : 20 +/- 1
PH value (20 degree C. , 20% solution) : 8-9
SO4 ion content (%) : 3-4
Cl ion content (%) : 0.03-0.04
Surface tension (mn/m) : 71.5 - 72.0
Suggested mixing amount: 0.3  1.0 % (of the cement amount)

Powder, 20% solution, 40% solution

Suitable application range
This product can be applied in the high strength concrete, the high fluidity concrete, the high duration concrete, the aluminate cement refractory concrete or the low cement refractory concrete , the grouting materials, the steam curing concrete, the high strength mortar, the gypsum products,
The self-flowing ground, the stuffing materials, the grouting materials, and so on. It also can be used as the brightened agent for manufacturing the coloured ground brick and the The liquid product can be used as the mother liquor to compound the other additional agent.
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Supply Capacity
2000mt per month
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