Sell SMD Crystal with Frequency Range from 6MHz to 80MHz

SMD Crystal with Frequency Range from 6MHz to 80MHz You May Also Be Interested In: network analyzer smd crystal
Type FP: seam sealed ceramic 7 x 5 x 1 surface mount package (SMD X'tal)
Nominal frequency: 4.0-70.00MHzs(“ D crystal)
Mode of oscillation: fundamental
Load capacitance: 12PF-30PF or as specified
Frequency tolerance at 25 deg. C: +/-30ppm
Frequency stability (reference to 25 deg. C frequency) : 30-50ppm
Working temperature range: -20 to 70 deg. C
Aging: 5ppm/year
Circuit: measured by saunders and associates 350A HP5100A network analyzer
Drive level: 100
Series resonant resistance RR: 40 ohms (max)
Shunt capacitance C0: 7pF max
Insulation resistance: more than 500 Mohms at DC 100V
Storage temperature range: -55 - 125 deg. C
Fine leak: helium bombing 5kg/cm2 for 2 hours leak rate less than 1 x 10-8 atm. cc/sec
Gross leak: 125 deg. C FC#40, 120 seconds, no bubbles
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