Sell SMD Tantalum Chip Capacitors

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Solid tantalum chip capacitors designed and manufactured with the demanding requirements of surface mount technology. There are a, b, c, d, e, s six case codes. They have lower esr compared with the dipped tantalum capacitors. The product compatible with automatic pick and place equipment. Suitable for military equipment and computer, telephone and other electronic products. Meets the requirements of EIA 535baac and qc300801, q / yhc. 45-01 standard.
General characteristics
1. Operating temperature: -55c ~ 125c (above 85c, use dreaded voltage) .
2. Capacitance tolerance: / -20% , / -10% .
3. Capacitance range: 0. 1uf~330uf.
4. Voltage rating: 4v~50v.
5. Reliability: 2% per 1000h at 85c with 0. 1 series impedance 60% confidence level.