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SMS Data Logging Device
It sends SMS text and data message to mobile phone on capturing data via 2 AD channels.

[SMS Pro-X] Industrial Monitoring & Security

* Sending SMS alert message via GSM Network
* Built-in GSM module
* 2 x AD channels input
* Report of data captured via SMS
* Automatic Schedule data capture and report via SMS
* Receiving SMS command
* 8 x alarm inputs
* 3 x relay outputs
* Low operating voltage alert message
* Program by either SMS command or PC Software
* Quad Band GSM support

It capture data via 2 x AD channels and reports to mobile phone by SMS text.

It is designed and integrated with a 16 bit MCU and reliable Siemens GSM module.

1. Data Collection of sensor or transducer in remote location, harsh condition or rural area
2. Remote Industrial Equipment Monitoring
3. Rural Equipment Monitoring e. g. Power Plant
4. Measuring equipment data capture and report via GSM
5. Intelligent Home Security
6. Commercial Alarm Security
7. Rural Area Security
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sms pro-x