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Features :
* High current with closed magnetic path eliminate stray electromagnetic emissions.
* Self-leaded design ensure rugged reliability.
* Ideal inductors for DC-DC conversion.
* Base material meets flammability requirements of UL 94-V0.
* In addition to the standard values shown, 3L can custom engineer parts for specific applications.

Ordering Information:
1. Type: Surface Mounting Type.
2. Style: 0.3 Inch size Toroids.
3. Materials: Refer to the next page.
4. Inductance: Example :120 for 12.0 uH.
5. Inductance tolerance: M:+20%

Inductance and rated current ranges :

* SMTTC30 1.8~390uH 5.5~0.60A
* SMTTC38 1.5~470uH 8.0~0.74A
* SMTTC44 5.6~2200uH 7.8~0.38A
* SMTTC50 10~4700uH 7.2~0.31A

* Test equipments:
L: HP4284A LCR meter@100KHz 0.1Vrms.
DCR: Milli-ohm meter.
SRF: HP4191A RF Impedance analyzer.
* Electrical specifications at 25oC.

Characteristics :

* I sat : Based on the inductance is 70% of its nominal value.
* I rms:Based on the temperature rise 40oC low at an ambient temperature of 85oC.
* Operating temp. : -20oC to 85oC.

Applications :

* Power supply for VTRs.
* LCD televisions.
* Personable computers or notebook PCs.
* DC/DC converters, etc.
* Other various electronic appliances.
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