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Zevene's Snap Fasteners series- provides practical, high-performance and durable fasteners products for garment industrials. We select the finest and Quality Brass to made the products. Widen application from Infantswear, Outerwears, Sportswears and Adultswear. . etc. Avaliable surface finishing in Nickel, Nickel-Free, Enamel and Other Electroplated Colors upon customer requested.

Snap fasteners (LIGHTS) series - LG1, LG8 and LG2
Model No. LG1: Open Prong (TOP) 7.2mm ; Cap Prong (TOP) 8.0mm
Model No. LG8: Open Prong (TOP) 8.0 / 9.2mm ; Cap Prong (TOP) 8.8mm
Model No. LG2: Open Prong (TOP) 8.2 / 9.5 / 9.7mm ; Cap Prong (TOP) 9.0 / 10.0mm

Snap fasteners (MEDIUM ) series - MD3
Model No. MD3: Open Prong (TOP) 10.0 / 10.5 / 11.0 / 11.5 / 12.0 /13.0 / 14.0mm
Model No. MD3: Cap Prong (TOP)
10.0 / 10.8 / 12.0 / 12.7 / 15.20mm

Snap fasteners (MEGA ) series - MX5 and MX7
Model No. MX5: Open Prong (TOP) 15.0mm
Model No. MX7: Open Prong (TOP) 21.0mm