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SDRAM Memory: Onboard 8MB SDRAM Memory, SDRAM Clock frequency is up to 100 MHz. CPU possess 24bit address access capability, it breaks the general DOS640KB read-white restriction, and can visit high memory directly.
Flash on disk storage option: Onboard 32M high speed Flash, as to small program and data, the user can build integrated applied system, the user doesnt need to purchase Disk on Chip or hardware, so as to reduce the cost. Meanwhile it supports Max 1GB CompactFlash Memory. The above-mentioned memorizer all support FAT16 file format, and provide the Flash Memorys read-write function.
Disply: 1MB Video Memory, Supporting Max 800 x 600@16 bytes true color TFT LCD. Meanwhile it supports different size of black&white / little colored LCD&LCM.
Network: CPU built-in 10/100MBase-T high-speed Ethernet network, it can visit high-speed memory by using DMA operation which can avoid the problem of 1MB/S bandwidth bottleneck we meet when connecting Ethernet chip to Bus. Therefore, it can enhance network performance in a large scale.
System: It provides self-owned intellectual property ---real-time single task super DOS(DOS compatible) operating system. As for complicate application requirements, we can provide real-time multitask UCOS operating system to meet different application requirements of the clients. Built-in 16x16 second level Chinese character base and 16 x8 character base. Unlosable RTC when there is power failure, CPU with WatchDog system reset.
Secure DDA: It provides 128bytes DDA for the applied software of Flash on Disk, which helps the users to protect their intellectual property.
I/O sources and extending interface: Winbond W83977 I/O control chip, standard PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse interface, standard LPT, Four COM(Three standard RS232, One RS485 ) . Reset and power supplier interfaces(5V) , CPLD programming writer interface, network interface, speaker interface. It can extend other functions by using simplified 8 bytes PC/104 ISA Bus interface. This interface doesnt support DMA transmission.
SDK development package illustration: PI-1862M doesnt need the clients to purchase expensive hardware complier and to develop adjusting system, but to take the excellent Borland C/C++ with which the software engineer are quite familiar as a developing tool so that to reduce the development circle and to make the products come to the market in a shorter time.
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It provides full TCP/IP protocol function library for free to help the clients to setup high-speed networking, and to finish the development and applications of network easily.
It provides integrated developing environment for free, and it is unnecessary to purchase hardware complier. It consists of function libraries such as Borland C++ V4.5 software complication and configuration environment, COM download software, FPU, TCP/IP, Memory read-write, Storage read-write, COM, Printing Driver, Keyboard, Display, WatchDog etc. .
It provides frequently-used program instance, Demo source code.