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Far-infrared functional sock is made of synthetic fiber that added some far-infrared agent during its processing, which the far-infrared agent could continuously radiate far-infrared ray, as well as has the function of antibacterial. The far-infrared agent for these socks were optimum selected and were compound-composed as well. The far-infrared rays functional sock is the hi-tech product since it is a kind of thermal source and birth-promoting light that is magnetic wave within 4-155of wave length. The major function is as follows.
1. Stronger thermal-heating function, warming humans foot from inside, suitable for humans foot always feeling cold.
2. Promoting the blood circulation, promoting the metabolism and stimulating the activity cell of human foot to body.
3. Relaxing painful of muscle or joints, suitable for the human foot of arthritis.
4. Inhibiting breeding of bacterium, keeping your feet from smell for a long time after wearing sock several days.
The far-infrared rays functional sock is nonpoisonous, tasteful, and with long time effect. It shall be cleaned or kept according to synthetic fabric product, and without changing of its function no matter cleaning for many times.
Material of far-infrared rays functional socks:
The far-infrared rays fiber of 80%
The stretch fiber of 20%
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