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Solid-phase food additive sodium alginate
Sodium alginate is applied as stabilizer for ice cream replacing starch and gelatin, capable of controlling the ice crystallization, improving ice creams taste as well as stabilizing mixed drink such as sweet water ice, fruit ice milk, frozen milk and so on. For a large variety of diary products, such like refined cheese, cream, dry cheese, sodium alginate shows good stability to avoid paste between food and package, help to paint creamy covering as well as prevent cracking of crisp sugar coating.
b: Thickening and emulsification
Sodium alginate is used as thickener for salad (a kind of cold dish dressed with sauce) sauce, pudding (a kind of dessert) , preserve, tomato sauce and canned products to enhance the stability of products and reduce liquid effusion.
c: Hydratability
The addition of sodium alginate into fine dried noodle, bean vermicelli and rice noodle can effectively improve products tissue cohesiveness, strength its flexibility and bending force and reduce broken end rate. In particular, it presents obvious effect over flour containing relatively low percentage of gluten. If sodium alginate is increased in bread, pastry and suchlike products, the evenness of products inner tissue and its reserve period will be greatly ameliorated. For frozen sweet foods, it can form a protective layer for thermofusion, avoid aroma loss and elevate melting point.
Sodium alginate can be added into various gelated foods in hopes of keeping favorable colloid form, avoiding liquid seeping and shrinkage. It is particularly suitable for production of frozen foods and man-made iminating foods. Meanwhile, it is able to form a protective layer to cover fruit, meat and seafood, warding off direct contact with air, hence, prolongs reserve period. It can be adopted as selfsolidifying agent for suger-coating of bread, food stuffing, pastry coating and canned foods. Moreover, in high temperature, freezing circumstance and acid medium, it is capable of maintaining its original form. And it is also applied to produce crystal soft candy, which is elastic, free from tooth sticking and transparent.
2, Food additive mannitol
Food sweetening agent of low calorie; anti-sticking agent for candy; nutrition fortifier and tissue improver; humectant
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