SODIUM CITRATE You May Also Be Interested In: cheeses citrate net bag sodium citrate
Standard: BP, USP, E415, FCC

1) Formula:
2) Molecular weight: 249.10
3) Colorless or white crystalline granule or crystalline powder, odorless, tastes
salty and acidic
4) Soluble in water, difficult soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in moist air
5) pH: 7.6 - 8.6 in 5% aqueous solution
6) When heated to 1500C, it may lose crystal water
7) Applications:
a) Food processing: used as buffer, chelate agent, nutrient additive,
emulsifier and flavor for yoghurt
b) Pharmaceutical industry: used as anti-coagulant and preservative in syrup
manufactured goods, buffer acidity acid for cold drinks, prevent acid for
dairy products, used as binder for cheeses and minced meats, acid coagulant
in jellies and jam, emulsifier and stabilizer for cheeses and ice creams
8) Storage and transport: keep in tightly closed containers, stored in a dry and
ventilated warehouse, kept away from moisture and heat; furthermore, it should
be stored separately from poisonous substances, handled carefully to avoid
damage to bags

25kg/net bag
500 - 1,000kg/net bag
1,000kg/bag with pallet