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Characterisics:Flake, brown red color, soluble in water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air, poisonus. Molecular Formular: Na2S Specification: Na2S 60% Min. Water insolubles 0.4% Max. Fe 0.15% Max. Na2CO3 5% Max. Uses :Used as making sulphur dyes or dyestuff intermediate reducer, mordant, flotationagent, depilatory for leather, digestion auxiliary in paper-making. also widely in pigment and rubber industry, etc. Molecular formular:Na2S Specification:Uses: Producing method :POWERED COAL REDUCTIONNa2SO4 will be mixed with powered coal in commingler, then sent into rorary furnaces to be reduced, the reaction liquid will be in filtration, evaporation and tabletting to get the end product. Standards: GB10500-2000Packing: Characteristics:Packing: 25kgs plastic woven bags linedwith polythene bags, inside with two layer plasticcoating bags.

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