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Mono-crystalline silicon
Maximum Power (Watt) :150W/160W/165W
Production Tolerance:15%
Maximum Power voltage(V) : 35.25/35.25/35.25
Maximum Power current(A) : 4.26/4.54/4.68
Open circuit voltage( V) : 43.5/43.5/43.5
Short circuit current( A) : 4.6/4.94/5.06
size of modul (wide and high) : 825mmx1574mm/825mmx1574mm/825mmx1574mm
frame (typ, material and thigness) :Anodised Alu. alloy frame, 40mm thiness
number of cells:72/72/72
size of cells (wide and high) :125*125mm/ 125*125mm/125*125mm
Weight per piece ( Kg) :16/16/16
type of junction box: PV junction box
cable type and length:PV cable, 1m
connector typ: Plug and socket
maximum system voltage:1000V
temperature coefficient of Isc: +0.05%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.34%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of power:-0.5%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Im: +0.05%/degree centigrate
temperature coefficient of Vm: -0.34%/degree centigrate
NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature) : 47degree centigrate(+2degree centigrate)
Insulation >=100MOhm
Voltage Standoff: AC2000V, DC3000V
Wind Bearing: 60m/s(200kg/sq. m)
Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test: 227g steel ball fall down from 1m height
ENCAPSULATED WITH Toughened Glass: AFG in USA or PILKINGTON in Australia
Quality guarantee: 2 years product warranty and 20 years -20% of power
Certification: Passed IEC61215