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It is used in the intersections without sufficient condition for the ordinary traffic light and those sites full of the dangerous hidden troubles, Its one necessary installation in traffic control, while seeing it, the driver will pay more attention to the intersections, and more carefully drive, thus the traffic accidences will be greatly reduced. Using the new technology of solar cell, the cost of cable is saved, convenient, economic, and the problem of frequent power cut is solved. Solar traffic flash alarming light takes the LED as light resource, greatly reduces the energy cost, the averages output power is 2watts, and the problem that the bulbs are often burned out is inexistent. The coming out of solar traffic flashing light is deeply recognized by the traffic industry.
Technique Parameter:
Light box size:height370mm, width370mm, thickness 200mm
Light source size: diameter300mm
Light source center light intensity:>=400CD
Light source color:yellow
Light source shape:round, with slowword, arrow
Light source flashing occupying rate:20%
Light source average power:2Watts
Solar Panel size:364mm*300mm*25mm
Solar cell output power:10W
Solar cell average output voltage:8.7V
Accumulator capacity:300Ah
Illuminating time under continuous overcast and rainy days:5days
Using Temperature: -15~60'C
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20MW per year
Condition of Goods
Terms of Payment
T/T &26 L/C
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