Sell SOP580 continuous ink jet printer

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Print function
Letterform lattice 7*6, 7*8, 8*12, 12*12, 16*16, 24*24, 5*5
Print two line Chinese characters (12*12)
Print lines: 1-3lines (Can be adjusted)
Height of letter: 1.2-1.5MM (Can be adjusted)
Speed of print: 2m/s (single line 7*6)
Print direction: omnidirectional adjusting
Letterform widen: the most can reach 9 times
Print content: Chinese, English, Arabia, chart and mark
Print format: batch number of products, serial number, counting, Chinese & English
Diagram, auto continuously print and such several arrange
Set with whole set Chinese letter inside, lattice edit directly
Can connect to computer realize random-code printing
Can receive BMP picture edited by computer
With the function of coder in-phase, photo electricity distance in-phase, online one time test print for N times
Power: 50W
Electric power: 220V+- 10% VAC, 50HZ
Work environment
Environment temperature: 5-400C
Environment humidity: 10%-90%RH (Without dew)
Air source and pressure: 0.5-0.8MPA(Without oil and water)
Air source flow: 0.02M3/min
Specification of mainframe
Outer dimension: 470*250*585
Weight: 28KG
Case: stainless steel (Airproof)
Typical appliance
Food industry: print producing date for various packing
Drink industry: print producing date on drink bottle and bag
Architecture industry: various wood floor, compound tubing of aluminum model
Commodity industry: print producing date, industrial code
Electrical wire and cable: The specification parameter of printing and metering