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SPD Power Strip protects office equipments and home appliances against the damage from surge and over-voltage. Using SPD Power Strip, spike and surge current can be efficiently absorbed and reduced, avoid impact or fluctuation of abnormal voltage and the damages from LEMP(Lightning electromagnetic impulse) , protract survival time of electrical equipments.

 According to UL1449 Third Version, design and adopt symmetry compound circuit consisted of MOV and GDT, safely and credibility; response time less than 25ns;
 All modes of Protection;
 Maximum discharge current: 10KA/line;
 Provide various standard power strip;
 Optional operating voltage: 110VAC-280VAC;
 Operation status of SPD module: dual-color LED(Red &Green) indicator;

Parameter Technical Data
Install Position Indoor
Operating Voltage AC 110V-280V (Optional)
Rating Current Optional with power strip
Over Loading Protection Optional with power strip
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (8/205s) 10kA (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)
Nominal Discharge Current In (8/205s) 5kA (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)
Voltage Protection Level 1000V (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)
SPD module Dimensions 120W60W35.5mm
Operating Environments Temperature-40~+700, Relative Humidity<=95%, Altitude<=3km
SPD module applying standards UL1449 THIRD VERSION, IEC61643-1
Power strip applying standard Optional
Machinery, Computers, Communication & Net Equipments, Modems, Fax Machines , Telephones, Microwave machine, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Stereo Systems, Televisions, VCR, Precision electronic Equipments, Scanners, Printers, Copiers, Office and Household Electronic Equipments.
Plug SPD module side into the power socket with earthing terminal, then plug protected equipments into the power strip.
Brand Name
Model Number
Warranty Coverage
3 years