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Solid Phase Extraction column (SPE column) is a mature and widely used technique for chemicals separation that uses a solid phase and a liquid phase to isolate individual components from a solution. It is usually used to clean up contaminants from sample and yield a clean sample for subsequent chromatographic analysis.

Membrane Solutions SPE columns are constructed by medical grade polypropylene with the lowest possible amount of extractibles. Prepacked SPE columns are loaded with high purity silica gel and packed with proprietary technology.

Membrane Solutions SPE columns have silica-based chemistries and are available in several configurations. Column capacities include 1, 3, 6, and 12 ml sizes. A cartridge format is also available for use with a syringe. We provide quality products with most competitive price: C18, C8, NH2, COOH, Phenyl, CN, Silica, Florisil, Al2O3, HXN, HLB, PSA, SCX, SAX, PestiCarb. Membrane Solutions can supply you empty columns with one frit inside and one outside.

 Easy to use
 Available in a range of packing media
 Fast and efficient
 High recovery
 Low variability
 Reduced solvent
 Polypropylene construction
 Compatible with all normal phase solvents
 Drug metabolites in biological fluids
 Purification in organic chemistry
 Food analysis
 Environmental analysis
 Isolate analytes from complex sample matrices
 Remove interfering substances in order to prepare samples for subsequent analysis
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