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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the exporters of spices in India and are exporting following quality spices to various countries in the world and can offer you the same at a very competitive price in bulk quantities.


1. Mace
2. Dry Ginger Powder/Ginger Whole
3. Red Chilies Powder Full and Half Grinded
4. Red Chilies Whole With Stem/Without Stem
5. Nutmeg
6. Cassia
7. Black Pepper Powder/Whole
8. Turmeric In English/Kurkum In Arabic Whole Both Bulb From and Finger Form
9. Cinnamon /Powder
10. White Cumin Powder
11. Coriander Seeds Powder/Seeds


1) Dehydrated White / Red Onions Kibbled.
2) Dehydrated White / Red Onions Minced.
3) Dehydrated White / Red Onions Granulated.
4) Dehydrated White / Red Onions Powder.
5) Dehydrated Garlic Cloves.
6) Dehydrated Garlic Flakes.
7) Dehydrated Garlic Minced / Granulated.
8) Dehydrated Garlic Powder.
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