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Lateral Thigh Trainer:

The Lateral Thigh Trainer moves in a bi-directional, skating-like motion. Move your legs in, out, up, and down, all at the same time. No matter your size or fitness level, you can burn fat and tone your muscles with this system.

This is made possible by the Lateral Thigh Trainer's double action resistance disk with seven resistance levels.

Customize your workout with less resistance for a fat burning cardio session, or add more resistance for a slower muscle toning workout.

The Lateral Thigh Trainer provides a smooth and easy ride, with low impact. Its large anti-slip pedals and a health club quality steel base are built to last. The quiet compact design makes it easy to use anywhere.

Two elastic resistance strings provide an upper body workout.

The functions of computer include Scan, Time, Step, Total Steps, Calories.