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we OPENA industries introduce as a WHOLESALE MANUFACTURER & EXPORTERS of
SPORTS GOODS , FOOTBAGS , MARTIAL ARTS products and working under different
environment since last decade as a specialist manufacturer of all kind

sports Goods especially
1. Footballs (Soccer ball, Match ball, Training ball, Base Ball, Basket ball
, indoor sala ball , All knid of Promotional ball, Rugby ball, American Ball
, Beach Volley ball, Hand ball , T. shirt , Shorts, Medicine ball, Basket ball
Base ball , football kit like shoes etc. from price range of
USD 2.15 To USD 18.00. . . .
Shin Guard , Goal Kepper Gloves , soft balls , rubber ball valve, Volley Ball
T-rope, infaltion pump, inflation needle, knee pad,

2. Footbags, Juggling Ball, Juggling Knife , Beanbags, Boccia Ball, Cotton
Ball, Keyrings soccer ball keyrings , Footbags keyrings etc. From price
range USD 0.70 to USD 3.00. . . . .

In Martial arts Karate Uniforms, Judo Uniform, Kungfu & ninja Uniform,
teakwando Uniform, Jujitsu uniform, Belts, Trouser Shorts, Punching Bags,
Shin Guards, Shoes, Head Guards, Chest Protection, Leg Protection, Shin &
instep Guard, Round Mitt, Wrist mitt, Leather Bags, Shin Pad, Arm Guard,
Span Shin, Span Shin Instep, Spam Super Kick, Instep Guard, Kendo Jacket,
Hapkido Uniform, Moo Duk kwan Uniform, Pull over, V-Neck, with Trim, Ribbed
Fabric uniform, Focus Pads, Elastic Protection, Kick Boxing Trouser, Thai
Boxing Shorts in Satin, Track Suit, Sports & Team Wears, cargo Pants, Sweet
Shirts, Pants, Promotional Wears, Leather boxing Gloves, training gloves,
Bag gloves, Focus mitt glove, Armit glove, Hand wrap glove, Judo suit,
Karate suit, Taekwondo suit, Ninja suit, Kick boxing, Shorts, Trousers,
Karate Belts, Garments, Sports wears, Tiger Punch, Tiger Kick, Cobra Chop
Female / Male Croin Guard etc

We will feel pleasure if you have any inquiry enabling us to send you
samples for your kind consideration and approval. Just send us details of
you samples we would definitely prove ourselves with excellent Quality
measures with very competitive prices. We are once again thanks for giving
us your precious time to see our introduction letter For your more
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