Sell SPU-311 (Two Components Polyurethane Waterproof Coating)

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SPU-311 is a synthetic polymer waterproof coating by two components reaction. Component A is a polyurethane prepolymer through the reaction between polyether polyol and isocyanate. Component B is a colorful liquid consisting of plasticizers, curing agents, thickeners, coagulants and fillers.

Where to use
 Undergrounds, cold stores and grade;
 Bathroom, kitchen and pools;
 Hard to dry substrate of underground construction;
 Subways, channels, bridges, tunnels and unexposed roofs;

 Can be applied on the wet underground substrate with strong bonding power;
 Multipurpose to apply on horizontal planes, vertical planes and top planes;
 Seamless, no pinholes and bubbles;
 Liquid with cold applied;
 Fast solidify and convenient to apply.