Sell SPUA-351P1 (Pure Spray Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Coating, type 1)

SPUA-351P1 (Pure Spray Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Coating, type 1) You May Also Be Interested In: polyurea waterproof coating spray on waterproof coating waterproof coating wood plates
--Fast curing on any surfaces, slopes and vertical planes without sagging;
--Excellent bonding functions with all materials, including cements, steel plates and wood plates;
--Excellent sealing quality, water resistance and penetration resistance;
--Resistance to long-term acid, alkali and salt erosion;
--Good thermal stability: it can be used below 1000 C for a long time;
--Good flexibility and mechanical properties, even in -400 C
--Excellent tensile strength and elongation;
--Excellent cracks deformation resistance;
Wear resistance and impact resistance.

SPUA-351P1 is two components spray-up elastic coating applied in complicated weather. Component A is a half prepolymer through the reaction between hydroxyl terminal compounds and isocyanate. Component B is a mixture consisting of amino terminal resign and amino terminal chain extender, not including hydroxy acrylic resin and activator.

Where to use
--Railway girder concrete bridge surface;
--All constructions and water conservancy projects;
--Chemical vessels;
--Cabins and floors of ships;
--Water resistance and corrosion resistance of decks and channels;
--Grades with wear resistant, impact resistant and skid resistant functions;
--Large area and unnormal waterproof projects.