Sell SQSK-920(CE) paper cutting machine

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The main function characters of SQSK-920 dual hydraulic numerical control paper cutter:
Computer System
1. Configured Mitsubishi AC digital servo control technology of Japan, disposes 5.7,6.4,8.6,10.4 inches high and true color computer monitors from Taiwan, high brightness color 25600, data resolution 0.01mm
2. Programming capacity can be up to 100 groups, each group can be set up procedures for 100 Knife, 10,000 positions different for cutting.
3. Possessing self-diagnostic capabilities and operation mode display.
4. Super display function: label, equal parts, tuning, calculator, machine settings, save
5. Memory available (up to 300,000 hours) , storage, positioning accuracy of less than 0.05mm, dynamically track
6. Are available in both Chinese and English operation interface (also optional third-party languages) , with shortcut keys easy to understand.
7. The stability of performance has been strong guarantee.
8. MCU control system (only for numerical control paper cutter)

Electrical Control System
1. Use of the French Schneider, OMRON and other international well-known brand of home appliances
2. VFD: Mitsubishi AC digital servo control technology of Japan
3. Air cushion: to reduce friction between paper and the surface of table

Feeding Control System
1. Ball screw: ABBA, Taiwan, on the silver (optional)
2. Linear rail: ABBA, Taiwan, on the silver (optional)
3. Push paper device of refueling device: pushing paper straight-rail products centralize refuel
4. The maximum speed of pushing paper f 12 -14 m / min.

Hydraulic Control System
1. Hydraulic system, German hydraulic system and Italian oil pump (optional) , ISO standard hydraulic components.

Safety System
1. Infrared photoelectric protection device conforms to CE safety standards
2. E-knife Lock: Security knife lock, to prevent the knife slide into the bottom
2. Loaded knife structure: Use of hook type, make changing work more easy
ATC Structure: Safe and convenient, pulled knife to the location of the fixed screws by the hanging bait, gear, rack panels when ATC
3.The world's leading chromeplate and matt worktable: rust and is not dazzling, the surfaces of worktable are the same as the mirror
4.Optical pairs of knife-line: you can see the location of cutting is correct or not in the absence of cutting
5. Wear-resistant self-locking worm gear box
6. Safety bolt: crop exceeded its load , the fuse will automatically pull off
7. Main motor and worktable motor overload protection: When the motor overload, the circuit will automatically power off
8. Planar second turbine packages chromium reduction device

The main technical parameters of SQSK-920 dual hydraulic numerical control paper cutter:
The width of Cutting-----------------920 mm
Max cutting height -----------------120 mm
Max cutting length ----------------920 mm
Min cutting length ----------------------30 mm
Protrusion length of the ---------600 mm
The height of worktable -----------------900 mm
The total length of worktable ----------2040 mm
Main motor power ----------------------3KW
Feed motor power ------------------0.37 KW
Air blower ---------------------------0.75 KW
Brand Name
Yi Ming
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
2200 x2160 x1550 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB ShangHai
2500 Kg