Sell SR9 series 10KV (Beta) oil transformers

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We apply(Beta) oil of l high burning point and insulating material of H class to the manufacturing art of oil immersed transformer based on the higher reliability of transformer. This kind of product is of superior fire-proof performance(burning point of (Beta) oil is 3080) , no poisonousness, good environmental performance and widely used for outdoor and indoor.
Compared with traditional oil immersed, dry type and SF6 transformer, there are some superiority here:
1, low cost,
This kind of products needs smaller volume, and is of high efficiency , and reduced the cost of transformer which is lower that those of dry type transformers. Compared with the safe distance of to the environment, the product needs less space and volume.
2, 100% Recycled
SF6 is harmful and unrecoverable, those dry type is not easy to be recycle and treated and decomposed. Β oil is of 100% carbohydrate, could be recycled.
3, High overload withstand ability
Over load of transformer lead to the high oil temperature, and high burning point oil will ensure the safety at the time.