SRL-Z SERIES HEATING/COOLING MIXER UNIT You May Also Be Interested In: automatic level cooling unit exhausts heating cooling mixer unit
Series mixing unit is applicable for mixing. Colouring and drying of various resin such as poiyethethylene, polypropy lene, poiyvinyl chloride etc, and in the process of drying and volatilization of engineering plastics such as ABS polycarbonate etc before forming and processing as well as in the mixing of phenolic resin.
The unit combines heat mixing and cool mixing together. The materials after heat mixing can be gotting into cool mixer for cooling automatically, exhausts rmaining gases and avoids agglomerates.

This unit is developed by importing, and absorbingaduanced forerign technology. By adopting PLC control, it features high automatic level, good mixing effect, complete function, compact structure and beautiful appearance , It is an ideal equipment for plastics mixing.