Sell SS-200N N. C thin edge slitter scorer

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1. Maximum speed designed:200m/minute
2. Adopt thin edge high speed slitter, the incisions are level up and velvet.
3. The upper edge wheel, upper pressing marker wheel adopt pneumatic control of lift-lower, there is no need to cut off the cardboard while changing order.
4. N. C automatic follow the production speed, to assure in-phase with it.
5. Entire machine is able to make electromotion movement in shaft direction left/right
90mm, assort low breadth excursion efficiently.
6. Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production, non-stop machine grinding edge, grinding edge set are enacted at any moment of the interval meter and the grinding time by material and condition of hem.
7. Electromotion control can proceed arranging edge and changing order at mean time with non-stop machine, this will realize high speed changing order, improve production efficiency.
8. Edge seat adopts electromotion drive with brake , realize high-speed arranging edge and precision orientation, arranging edge time13 seconds, and the clearance of pressing can be auto-adjusted.
9. Computer reserve groups of orders, output any set of order as requested of practice.