Sell SS-218 Methyl tin Mercaptide Heat stabilizer

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Product Name SS-218 Methyl Tin MercaptideMolecular Formula (CH3)2Sn(SCH2COOC8H17i)2 and CH3Sn(SCH2COOC8H17i)3 Catalogue Heat stabilizerTypical Specification Appearance Clear LiquidColour Scale (Pt-Co#) <= 100#Density (200) (g/cm3) 1.17-1.19Viscosity (250) (pa. s) 0.020-0.080Tin Content (%) >= 19.00Sulphur Content (%) 11.00-12.00 General InformationProduct Packaging: 225 kgs /net iron or plastic drumStorage and Handling: This SS-218 is a liquid tin Mercaptide heat stabilizer and should be handled with normal precautions used in good industrial practices for organic liquids. Product ApplicationSS-218 (Methyl Tin Mercaptide) is an excellent heat stabilizer for rigid and semi-rigid PVC, for extrusion, injection molding and blow-molding applications. It is ideal for transparent application and can be used for food and drug packaging, and water supply pipe.