Sell ST-R Dynamic Torque Meter

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ST-R Dynamic Torque Meter Digital Torque Meter Torque Meter:

ST-R series digital dynamic torsion testers are made to test and measure various dynamic torsion intelligently, and it can take metrical instrument. Used for measuring and correcting the output torsion of various electrical machineries, and moderating machines. Apply to trades such as various electrical machineries, machine-building and scientific research institution extensively. Pick the peak value while testing, keep waiting for the next peak value 1~10 seconds (can be since established) later; Not operating the electricity of automatic shut-down province to design, the unused time (1~60 Pm) establishes freely; Upper and lower limits lean towards difference to establish freely, the automatic sound of the buzzer of the red green indicator lamp only calls the police and sets up;

Peak value keeps the function:
Arrest rotational speed: 1000 rotate /minute; Can pick the peak value while testing;

Peak value relives
Function shut down
Comparative function
Average computing function 10 test value memory, average computing function automatically
Three kinds of units switch over three kinds of units N. m, kgf. cm, lbf. in to exchange automatically; Can print and test the analysis report of the curve or 10 groups of memory value;
Built-in printer mouth export RS-232C clusters of mouth export, use for connecting apparatus of outside, can also use the related CD, still test data transmission to deal with relevantly to the computer


Biggest Torque
1N. m
2N. m
5N. m
20N. m
50N. m
100N. m
200N. m
500N. m

0.0005N. m
0.001N. m
0.002N. m
0.005N. m
0.01N. m
0.02N. m
0.05N. m
0.1N. m
0.2N. m

Indication Error

Maximum speed