Sell ST-Type Metallic Yarn

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M-type metallic Yarn(1/69 , or 1/100 ,12 micron) supported by 30D/1f nylon yarn *2 ends (or 20D/1f * 2 ends) , or by 30D/1f Polyester yarn *2 ends.
The yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful, lustrous color. This product is used in sweaters, tricots, weaving, embroidery, stocking, accessories, industrial subsidiary materials, etc.
Packing: 500g per cone. 40 cones per carton.
Carton size: 560*450*480(mm)
Net weight: 20kg/carton
Gross weight: 26kg/carton

MS-type : embroidery
Polyester filament yarn(or viscose rayon) round covered with M-type metallic yarn(12 micron) at the fully closed regular intervals. It can be used in various aspects especially as embroidery thread.
Packing: 125g per cone. 100 cones per carton.
Carton size: 710*370*400 (mm)
Net weight: 12.5kg/carton
Gross weight: 20.8kg/carton