Sell STNDP-801AB Subsurface Engraving Laser Machine

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 Diode laser technology is designed for the personalized production, especially the 3D human face / 3D portrait engraving market.  The integrative controlling technology of X-Y-Z worktable and galvanometer is adopted to improve the laser processing efficiency. High frequency laser and galvanometer motion system guarantee the high laser engraving speed. Joint-block control Engraving technology of block to block enlarges the engraving area. This machine meets the requirement of large engraving area, high speed personalized production.
Laser: Diode Pumped Nd:YVO4 532nm Green beam
Frequency of laser power supply: 1000Hz
Laser engraving heads: 1 glavo
Engraving Speed: 50000-60000dots/min
Max. Engraving Area: 300mmx200mmx90mm
Motion Controlling Method: X-Y-Z axis plus 1 galvo (Five-dimension controlling)
Cooling Method: Air cooling
Power Supply Connection: Single phase 220V+/-10%