Sell STNYAG-702A4 Subsurface Engraving Laser Machine

STNYAG-702A4 Subsurface Engraving Laser Machine You May Also Be Interested In: 3d glass crystal art engraved crystal laser 3d subsurface laser
Laser: Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG 532nm Green beam
Frequency of laser power supply: 200Hz
Laser engraving heads: 2 Focus Lens
Engraving Speed: 8000-12000 Dots/min * 4 engraving heads
Max. Engraving Area: 300mmx200mmx90mm (for only one focus lens)
Motion Controlling Method: X-Y-Z axis (Three-dimension controlling)
Power Supply Connection: Single phase 220V+/-10%, 25A

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