Sell STNYAG-702A4 Subsurface Engraving Laser Machine

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This machine is designed for the middle scale production and personalized production. It adopts 200Hz laser power supply to improve the laser processing efficiency.
Four engraving heads can engrave one to four crystals at a time. It yields like the machine of 100Hz / 8 engraving heads, but the engraving time is half when engrave one to four crystals, also it can reduce the engraving waster resulted from the operating mistake.
Laser: Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG 532nm Green beam
Frequency of laser power supply: 200Hz
Laser engraving heads: 4 Focus Lens
Engraving Speed: 8000-12000 Dots/min * 4 engraving heads
Max. Engraving Area: 300mmx200mmx90mm (for only one focus lens)
Motion Controlling Method: X-Y-Z axis (Three-dimension controlling)
Power Supply Connection: Single phase 220V+/-10%, 25A
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