Sell STNYAG-705AB Subsurface Engraving Laser Machine

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 The integrative controlling technology of X-Y-Z worktable and galvanometer is adopted to improve the laser processing efficiency. It meets the requirement of large engraving area, high speed personalized production.
 High frequency laser power supply and galvanometer motion system guarantee the laser engraving speed. It is of the highest engraving speed in the field of Xenon lamp pumped Laser series.
 Joint-block control Engraving technology of block to block enlarges the engraving area.
 Lead screw with high precision and intensity improves the location accuracy and stability.
 The automatic monitoring system of water temperature and water circulation ensures the working order of the machine.
 Interlock device on the door and E-Stop supply the safeguard for the operator.
 Four kinds of point-cloud converting methods are supplied in the software to obtain different engraving effect.
 Exceptionally small engraved dots represent lively the engraved graphics especially the 3d human face.