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Since 50 years KARELMA S. A. is a manufacturer of water filled rewindable submersible motors SM series with power rated 1kW up to 300kW, dedicated for deep wells Dia 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.
The submersible motors series SM are designed to be used in conjunction with underwater pumps. Coupled together the assembly works as an efficient underwater pumping unit. The motor casing is made from top quality stainless steel and the coupling flange is manufactured to an extremely high standard and in accordance to NEMA standards. The motors is filled with a non toxic mixture of water and cooling fluids.
The motors are designed for easy access maintenance and can if required be rewound. Uses include the emptying of wells and drilling bores and to lower the levels of subsoil eaters. The underwater pumping units are also widely used a variety of mines, quarries, municipal water installations and on construction sites.
Design: stainless steel body and shaft end, connection according to NEMA standard makes our motors suitable for assembly with majority of submersible pumping units worldwide.
Motors are equipped with water bath, DNE and PVC insulated wire winded.
Our Control & Protection Cabinets (CPC) are designed for:
- Switch on/off the submersible pumping unit
- Protection against:
a. Short-circuit
b. Overload
c. Two-phase work
d. Low feeding tension
e. Tension declination
f. Dry work
CPC might work in two ways:
1. Direct manual control
2. Automatic control by outside electrical signals (i. e. from pressure sensor or floating sensor) .