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WOOD & PARTNERS have a genuine interest in purchasing ICUMSA white refined sugar from a genuine end supplier. We are looking to secure in the near future quantities exceeding 12,500 MT per month and furthermore multiple monthly contract allocations for parts of the mid Asia region.

We would therefore be very grateful if you could kindly forward your specification list, minimum quantities and a general indication of price for our consideration. We understand that any quoted price may not be applicable in the future due to market fluctuations and we will always request an updated price before submitting any purchase offer.

If you are happy with this, we would be very grateful if you could further provide us with an offer and supporting mandate information or a description of your current position in relation to the end supplier so that we can verify your interest in the products; we will not move forward unless we have some verification. Please reply and we will issue our INQUIRY TO BUY form which will contain all of the detail for you to be able to make us the offer.