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25,000 mt Brazilian sugar Icumsa 60 CIF Syria
Payment: nontransferable FFDLC irrevocable and confirmed, 100 % at sight.

Below are the specificaions and the documents required in the letter of credit.
The specification

WHITE REFINED SUGAR HOMOGENEOUS COLOUR TASTE AND SHAPE, SWEET tasting colourless and odourless free running min polarization 99.70 degrees max extinction coefficient 60 icumsa units max moisture 0,1 pct max ash 0,04 pct max inverted sugar 0.04 pct so2 max 20 mg/kg max arsenic 1 mg/kg max copper 2 mg/kg max lead 2 mg/kg, not even one single e coli to exist in 10 gr of sugar, b coliform number never in excess of max 10 per 10 gr of sugar not even one single b enterrostreptococus to exist in 5 gr of sugar not even one single b salmonella to exist in 25 gr of sugar number of fungi and mould not to exceed max 20 per 10 gr of sugar

Documents Required:

1) Two original and three copies of commercial invoice and should bear the following declarations:

A) we certify that this invoice is authentic and is the only invoice issued for the goods described therein that it mentions exact value of the goods described therein without deduction of any advance payment and that the origin of goods is Brazil

B) goods mentioned in the invoice are manufactured by (name of the firm or mill producing the manufactured goods and the country of origin)

C) we certify that goods mentioned in the invoice are Brazilian origin and that no raw material of any other countries were used in their production or manufacturer.

2) Statement issued by seller showing name of manufacturer duly legalized by the chamber of commerce and Syrian Arab consulate in the country of the origin.

3) Certificate of origin 1original + 4 copies issued or visaed by chamber of commerce and Syrian Arab consult in the country of origin, certificate of origin must showing manufacturer's name and applicant name.

4) Statement from the owner or agent or master of the vessel attesting that the carrying vessel is not Israeli flag or nationality not blacklisted by Arab boycotting and shall not call at any Israeli port before discharging goods at destination.

5) Certificate from vessel master wherein he undertakes that no additional cargo shall be loaded along with the cargo under this L/C.

6) Certificate of quantity, weight, origin and packing issued at loading port/s by the SGS Switzerland inspection company.

7) Certificate issued by SGS Switzerland at loading port/s attesting vessel holds have been found dry, clean and suitable for shipping white sugar.

8) Certificate from the shipping company or its agents showing vessel age which is not more than 15 years old.

9) Certificate issued by ministry of health or by another competent official authority in the country of origin attesting that the sugar is fit for human consumption in the country of origin.

10) 4/4 original clean bill of lading dated on board marked freight paid free out, issued to the order of the applicant or applicant's bank

11) Certificate issued and legalized by ministry of health or by another official competent authority in the country of origin attesting that the sugar has a max. Radiation of 150 BQ/KG of caesium 134 and 137 and is completely fit for human consumption without any harm at all to health or to infants.

12) Certificate from the shipping company or its agents in five copies attesting that the carrying vessel is registered at an international recognized P&I Club.

13) Weight certificate and packing list in 10 copis.

14) Insurance policy or certificate issued to the order of the applicant for full CIF invoice value plus 10 pct. covering all risks as per institute cargo clauses (a) dated 1/1/82 including transshipment and war risks and non-delivery without any excess.

15) Statement in three copies comprising the following information:

- Name, description and construction year of the carrying vessel

- Name and detailed address of the vessel's owners

- Name and detailed address of the shipping company

16) Bags should bear the following marks:

a) Producer name and their domicile

b) Content and net weight of the bag

Blank bags are not acceptable. Beneficiary's certificate stating that the above-mentioned marks had been complied with is required.

17) Certificate from P&I which must be member in international group including that vessel covered from first class P&I and its age not more is 15 years .

Noting that Addition Conditions will be as follow:

1) this L/C will become operative only upon submitting a performance bond issued by the benificiary from a first calss bank in the amount of 2% of the L/C , the formate of this performance bond must be acceptable by applicant's bank, performance bond must be submitted within 2 (two) days from the issuance date of this letter of credit otherwise the letter of credite becomes null and void.

2) All documents must be in english langauge

3) This L/C is subjet to ICC UCP 500

4) The respective issuing authorities should duly authenticate any alteration / addition in documents.

5) Amendments charges are on faulty party account.

6) Payment terms in all documents except the insurance policy and the commercial invoice should read CANDF free out LATTAKIA OR TARTOUS port instead of CIF.

7) All bank charges related to the issuance and confirmation of the L/C are on the applicant's account, and all remaining bank charges are on beneficiary's account.

8) Negotiation of documents under any reserve is completely prohibited.

9) all documents must show L/C number 1131-295-04DA3 and import licence number 69 dd 11.11.04 and H O approval no. 193 dd 6.12.04

10) all documents except for the commercial invoice and the insurance policy and the bill of lading should be issued to the order of general foreign trade organization, Damascus, Syria

11) payment will be against strictly complying documents with L/C terms and as payment instruction.

12) Charter party bill of lading is acceptable provided bill of lading to show:

A) rate of demurrage max. USD 0.40 but dispatch USD 0.20 per ton day

B) discharage rate 150 M/T per working hatch max.750 MT per vessel per W. W. day

13) As soon as loading is completed or even before, two copy sets of the shipping documents including charter party, certificate of origin non-negotiable B/L and phytosanitary certificate should be dispatched by the seller to the buyer as to be received by the latter before the arrival of the vessel at Syrian destination for safety sake. in additional copy set of said documents should be available with the master of vessel, moreover it is extremely important to airmail to shipco (the vessel's agent at destination ) Lattakia or Tartous copies of non-negotiable B/L.


Beneficiary's certificate stating that the above-mentioned condition had been complied with is required

15) The letter of credit can not be used to open a line of credit, only to buy the product according to the specifications mentioned.