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Please allow us to introduce ourselves: Espanol Group Ceramics, LLC. , Dubai  United Arab Emirates.

We want to be your preferred Worldwide Partner in the Commodities Trading Field.

We are recently established Trading/Brokering/Principal Division belonging to a veteran Spanish group of companies INTERLIBER Holdings.

Presently we deal in the following commodities:

Sugar ICUMSA 45 - 100

Being new in a very competitive market requires strong differentiating factors:

We are Principals, in the sense that we commit to commodities allocations before we offer them to our Partners.
We buy the commodities through a Buying Association, with direct contact and purchase from over 40 different producers and suppliers.
We have the financial backing that allows us to negotiate many different payment methods.
We use a solid policy to respect and protect all business channels and intermediaries through our Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure and Working Agreement.
More differentiating factors to be revealed around concrete business transaction.

With great pleasure, we will answer all your business inquiries and assign a representative to your account.

Supply Capacity
300 000.MT
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
25000 MT
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale