SUNFLOWER OIL You May Also Be Interested In: animal fats
Dear Sirs,

We have Sunflower oil, from Argentina and Russia.

From Argentina:

In Bottles (PETs) of 1 Lt. by Box in 12 Units by Container of 20 Feet.

From Russia:

Bulk an 1, 2 and 5 L bottles.

For Big Volumes certain discounts possible.

Available Quantities: At the moment the maximum amount available is 10 million liters per month. In case of long standing relations/annual Contracts further increase of the volumes is possible.

Technical Specification for the Oil:

The Product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or any strange taste or smell.
The Product is clear, free from foreign matter.
The Product is free from any foreign oil or animal fats.
The Product is fit for human consumption.