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The SCom innovated SV-300 TS Re-multiplexer is an embedded digital video product, which remultiplexes MPEG-2 TS into multi-program TS (MPTS) for the transmission of digital TV programs. Complying with MPEG-2 transport layer norms, SV-300 can be widely used in TV stations and digital video monitoring occasions.

Main Features

*Support up to 6 channels of ASI-IN single/multi-program TS multiplexing (can be used in cascade) ;
*Output code rate is continuously adjustable, actual output data rate up to 120 Mbps;
*Each input supports an actual data rate up to 155Mbps, packet burst supportable;
*Self-adaptive input TS packet length(188 / 204) ; output TS packet length(188 / 204) can be set by the user;
*Besides two-channel ASI and one-channel SPI, output interface also provides software-switched DS3 / E3 module(optional) ;
*input MPTS analysis and realtime code rate statistics;
*high-precision PCR, average PCR jitter between 20 ~ 60 ns;
*PID filtering/PID re-defining for the convenient adding/deleting programs and modifying PID;
*Rich LCD panel functions allow realtime monitoring on system status and parameter setting;
*RS232 / RS485 interface and Ethernet interface(optional) , via which PC remote control on the MUX can be achieved.
*Parameter storage function: automatically withdraw parameters to initiate multiplexing;
*Fault isolation function: in case certain channel of input TS turns abnormal, there?s no influence on the multiplexing of other input TS.
*Super-low time delay: time delay between input and output is usually within 1 ms.
*High bandwidth availability: when input TS code rate is fixed, bandwidth availability reaches over 99%.
*Self-adaptive code rate: when input TS code rate changes(VBR) , MUX is able to maintain a fixed overall output code rate.
*PSI automatic-generation: easily expand to EPG, SI services via Ethernet Interface.
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