Sell SWP Series Plastics Crushers

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7It is mainly used to produce the pasdtics door and windows profiles, the plastics decorative plates and PVC foaming profiles.

7The main machine uses frequency conversion for speed requlation, and super-taper twin-screw extruder with temperature-regulating in the screw core. The extruding volumn can be raised by 50%, the power be saved by 20%-30%. The Rigid-gear-surface reducing machine can be operted continuously for a long time without trouble. The cooling platform will provide the high vacuum, the electrodynamic regulation, so the operation and mould change is smooth steady, the service life is long.

7Recently we developed a new product Foaming Imitation of Wood Steeling Plastic Shapes Production Line(combined with one set of steek liner conveying device, it can put into production after replacing special mould for initation of wood foaming shapes) . Compared with ordinary windows and doors, the pyoducts are characterized by high heat preservation and high gas-proof. Adopting angle steel connection technology, it can be fixed easily in worksite by simple fixing tools, dont need special plastic welding and chamfering device, so it can be greatly facilitated popularized.