Safe LOCK SERIES You May Also Be Interested In: standard door
safe SERIES includes:

code safe, IC card safe, TM card safe and induction card safe It is easy and safe to operate, applicable to household apartments, offices and hotels etc. It can be used in either public or private units and together with the IC card lock of our company to carry out one-card-pass

Functional and Technical Index
Power Supply :
DC6v, use of 4 pieces of No.5 AA batteries, with low voltage warning
Battery Life:
The door can be opened more than 10,000 times in normal state. Under low voltage warning, the door can still be opened 100 times more.
Thickness of Steel Board
Standard: Door 6mm, Wall 3mm
Strengthened: Door 10mm, Wall 6mm
Control: electrical machinery automatic control and electromagnetic clutch controlPlacement: stable and mobile

Height 280mm, width 360mm, depth 250mm, Weight 15kg
6600series (applicable to notebook computer)
Height 230mm, Width 430mm, Depth 372mm, Weight 20kg
6800 series ( three stores inside)
Height 560mm, Width 390mm, Thickness 456mm, Weight 34kg