Sell Safe Light transformer

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JMB light transformer, with a secure shell, supplies the power for low voltage lighting safelight. It is widely applied in electronic industry, industrial and mining enterprise, worked as control power supply for usual circuit of machine tool and mechanical equipment and as power supply for safety lighting and indicator lamp. 220V or 380V is applicable.

Rated Capacity:50VA~30000VA
Input Voltage:380V,220V
Output Voltage:42V, 36V, 24V, 12V, 6.3V

Technical character (JMB, BJZ, DG, BZ and DM light control transformer)
The primary and secondary windings are winded separately, when the secondary one only has one winding, then it takes on all the rated capacity for transformer. If the secondary one accompanied with control, lighting and indicator lamp windings, it will be winded respectively according to each winding capacity. For simplex winding transformer with center tap, all the center taps capacity should be lower than rated capacity of transformer, only the max voltage output terminal can bear the rated capacity.

Working environment (JMB, BJZ, DG, BZ and DM light control transformer)

The transformer can work reliably under the following conditions
1. Altitude should not exceed 2, 500m;
2. Ambient air temperature: -25b??~+ 40b??;
3. Humidity: max average relative humidity of the dampest month is 90%;
4. Places that are free from severe vibration or shock;
5. without explosive medium, gas or conductive dust hat will erode metal and destroy insulation;
6. Places that are free from rain or snow.