Sell Safety Suitcase

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CQ-1 series Super Safety Suitcase
This product has the functions of anti-loss, anti-theft and anti-robbery.
Anti-loss: If you are 3-15 meters far away from the suitcase in the anti-loss mode. It will alarm loudly to give you a remind.
Anti-theft: In this mode, if someone move your suitcase, there will be high-voltage electric shocking on the whole surface of the suitcase, as well as the loud alarms. It will make nobody dare touch it any more.
Anti-robbery: If you met with robbery unfortunately, you can give up your suitcase to protect yourself. After the robbers run away within 50 meters, you can control the suitcase by a remote you carry. There will be high-voltage electric shocking on the surface of the suitcase, and accompanied by the loud alarms. So your suitcase will be protected effectively!