Sell Sage Essentail Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology:Exhilarate spirits, gain confidence, anti-depressant.

2, Physical:Effectively treat abnomal suppression or absence of menstruation , overperspire, beneficial to respiratory system, nevous system and muscle ache, anti-bacterial.

3, Skin:Tight pores, activate blood circulation, improve eczema, treat acne.


1, Skin:Apply 2 droplets into proper amount of water, then hot pack on face and massage at acupoints.

2, Haircare: Mix 5 droplets with 5 ml jojoba oil and apply to scalp, then pack for half an hour and clean.

3, Bath:Apply 3 droplets into warm water, then bathe , especially at abdomen for period pain.