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Looks and feels like natural woven rattan but these place mats are actually made from washable polypropylene! Extremely resilient and impervious to moisture, UV light and bacterial growth. Saleen strap mats are washable, hygienic, won't stain, won't fade and heat resistant to 195 degrees! Indoor or outdoor use without any fading, staining, mold or mildew. Just wipe them clean with a sponge or wet dish towel. Available in 12 colors including green, red, black, yellow blue, blown etc. Lacquered Wooden plates in all colors, shapes and sizes are recommended for matching the placemat. . . please call 0086-594-8283948 send message 0086-594-8283930 for more information. The perfectly balanced and matched placemat and plates enhance the pleasure of consuming your favorite food let it be a mood delighter.

enhance the pleasure of consuming your favorite drink let it be a limoncello or any other mood delighter.