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Yukon River origin keta salmon. This is the longest wild salmon spawning river in the world. Because these salmon have such a long upstream journey ahead of them, they are packed with Omega-3's for energy. These are the highest Omega-3 salmon on earth.

If you want Omega-3, and are on a budget, this is the fish for you.

Red fleshed ~25 Roche or C5 ASMI color scale
(See photos - compare the Yukon Keta to the sockeye in picture - ASMI C6 plus)

One wholesales for $6 lb. and the other for $4 lb, and the inexpensive one has more Omega-3's

Very high oil content. (~10%)
Higher than Copper River.

200% higher Omega 3 that average chums or pinks

Excellent meat color
Excellent oil content
Excellent freshness
No bruising
Bled immediately
Slush iced immediately
Processed PRE-RIGOUR
Size 4-6 lbs H&G

Salmon harvested with fish wheels, so all fish are harvested alive and bled immediately. Processing plant is very close, so most fish are processed pre-rigour, which ensures freshness.

Pricing make this an excellent value, and a sure seller.

Great margins and great substitute for farmed salmon.

Get your orders in while supplies last!!

** Ask about our superb caviar.
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